About Nannie RaRa

Nannie RaRa's Great Aunta
Nannie RaRa’s Great Aunt

Nannie RaRa has been writing stories for her grandchildren since 2011.

She has written a series of books for younger children called Tales from Nannie’s Garden.

The first is about the fledgling Bobbie Robin who couldn’t wait to have red feathers. He tried making red feathers with paint, jelly and then Nannie’s red lipstick. None worked as Bobbie expected.

The second book is about Jason Jay whose blue feathers have gone missing. He enlists the help of his friends Monty Mole and Sonia Snail. They try to help but it is the ants who solve the mystery.

The third book is “Jenny Wren to the rescue.” Jenny Wren was looking for some tasty creatures to eat for lunch. But who will be eaten? Jenny helps a baby pigeon and later becomes friends with Gregory Grasshopper who had looked very appetising. She narrowly misses being eaten by a sparrowhawk while protecting Gregory from a frog.

Does Jenny eventually find her lunch? Read “Jenny Wren to the rescue” to find out.

The books are delightfully illustrated with watercolours painted by Nannie RaRa and based on photographs she has taken.

There is also a series of stories that feature the grandchildren having adventures using the Magic Dust their Grandad invented.

Nannie RaRa has six grandchildren and each has been included in the stories.

Alan, the oldest, is brilliant at making useful objects from building bricks. Edmund is the youngest and has only been in the last few stories. Lia has an owl made from wool that changes into a real owl to guide them. Harvey was found as a snow baby – that’s not the same as a baby made from snow. James is good at climbing trees but is not very keen on having to use the socks with pink bobbles that Nannie knitted for him. Alex is always ready for another adventure.

You can join James, Edmund, Alex, Lia, Alan and Harvey as they use Grandad’s Magic Dust to have adventures and solve mysteries.

When Grandad can’t make any more Magic Dust the grandchildren persuade him to let them make the missing ingredient – alacamparanica. It needs a half-chewed sweet, the song of a robin, and the smile of a Viking as well as other interesting parts. No more adventures? is the first of the tales of Grandad’s Magic Dust to be published.

Search for the Wibble is the second in the tales of Grandad’s Magic Dust. It follows the grandchildren as they search for the Wibble, an imaginary creature made up by Harvey. He is wary of finding it as it has a stinger on its foot, sharp teeth, a long body, sharp claws and spines.

The third book in the series is Secrets of the Buckle where the grandchildren have to join the two halves of the buckle together but they need the stinger from the Wibble. Harvey has lost it – the buzzard took it. Join the grandchildren as they mend the buckle and find it has properties they weren’t expecting.

Nannie Rara is also the creator of Counting Creatures , an Android app to help children to learn to count. It uses pictures of real creatures and there are also interesting facts to learn. Meet Bessie Beetle, Gregory Grasshopper and their friends.

You can follow Nannie RaRa on her Amazon author page.