Nanne RaRa has been writing stories for her grandchildren since 2011. The stories feature the grandchildren having wonderful adventures using the magic dust that their Grandad invented.

Three of the tales of Grandad’s magic dust have been published: “No more adventures?”, “Search for the Wibble” and “Secrets of the Buckle“.

In “No more adventures?” Grandad says he can’t make the magic dust any more because he has run out of alacamparanica and it needs the song of a robin and the smile of a Viking. There are other things but you must add them in the correct order and make sure they don’t float away.

The grandchildren search for the ingredients to make the alacamparanica, but can they find them all?

“Search for the Wibble” finds the grandchildren hunting for the imaginary creature Harvey has made up. On the way they find two halves of a buckle. They eventually find the Wibble but it disappears leaving only a stinger.

In “Secrets of the Buckle”, the grandchildren need the stinger to join the two halves of the buckle together but Harvey has lost it – the buzzard took it. They eventually find the stinger and enlisting Great Grandad’s help they join the two halves of the buckle together which then has properties they had not expected.

You can now download No more adventures?  and Search for the Wibble and Secrets of the Buckle from Amazon.

Secrets of the Buckle