Nannie RaRa has been to Antarctica. Read her blog on her Antarctic adventure, her visit to South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. You can also read about her trips to Greenland and Iceland.

Nannie RaRa is the author of No more adventures?, Search for the Wibble and Secrets of the Buckle – all tales of Grandad’s Magic Dust.

She has written three books for younger children called Jenny Wren to the rescue, The jay who lost his feathers and Bobbie Robin’s red feathers. The books are delightfully illustrated with watercolours painted by Nannie RaRa and mostly based on photographs she has taken.

She is also creator of Counting Creatures – an Android app that teaches children to count using pictures of real creatures.

Nannie RaRa enjoys photography, gardening and cooking. You can read about her garden in her Garden rambles blog.

Have you tried any of Nannie’s recipes? They range from delicious tomato soup to kedgeree to Jean’s lemon freezer cake – a whole tasty meal! There are also delicious nutty burgers for a meat-free meal.