Search for the Wibble

The second tale of Grandad’s magic dust has the grandchildren searching for the Wibble, an imaginary creature that Harvey has made up.

Harvey is not too keen on finding a real Wibble as it has a stinger on its foot, sharp teeth, a long body, sharp claws and spines.

Nannie has been knitting using wool that has been next to the magic dust. She has knitted the grandchildren things to use on their adventure but James is not keen on wearing the striped socks with pink bobbles on and Alex can’t think what use a small cloth of wool would be. Lily is enchanted by her woollen owl.

Their adventure takes them far and wide from Nannie’s house to places such as Sutton Hoo, Denmark, Guernsey and finally to Waela Tun Naes.

Join James, Edmund, Alex, Lia, Alan and Harvey as they search for the Wibble in this tale of Grandads Magic Dust.

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