Have you read ‘No more adventures?’

The book, No more adventures?, by Nannie RaRa has been enhanced by illustrations by the very talented Lara Wallington.

In ‘No more adventures?’ the first of the tales of Grandad’s Magic Dust to be published, the grandchildren help Grandad to make alacamparanica, one of the image3ingredients.

They start with a half chewed sweet, then powder from a butterfly wing. There are several other items they need to use to make the alacamparanica.  The journey has been marvellously illustrated by Lara who has brought the characters to life.

Lara has really captured  Alex’s expression when he gets nipped by the crab. You can also meet Lia, James, Harvey and Alex as they follow Alan who guides them to the snake.

Expect to hear more of the illustrator Lara Wallington in the future.

You can get “No more adventures?” from Amazon either in paperback or as an electronic book – both are illustrated.


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