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Bobbie Robin’s red feathers

Nannie RaRa has published a new book, Bobbie Robin’s red feathers, written originally for her youngest grandchildren.

The story is about Bobbie Robin who started life as an egg in the nest box in Nannie’s garden. When he left the nest box he couldn’t wait to have red feathers, but it wasn’t that easy.

Bobbie tried to make red feathers with paint, then jelly and finally red lipstick, but none worked as he expected.

The book is illustrated throughout with delightful watercolours by Nannie RaRa. The paintings were based on photographs taken of robins who had indeed laid eggs in the nest box in Nannie’s garden. The eggs hatched and the fledglings wandered about the garden.

Bobbie Robin on the paint pot
Bobbie Robin on the paint pot
Bobbie Robin putting jelly on his chest
Bobbie Robin putting jelly on his chest
Bobbie Robin brushing past the leaves
Bobbie Robin brushing past the leaves

Young Bobbie Robin
Young Bobbie Robin
Bobbie Robin with his red feathers
Bobbie Robin with his red feathers

The book is available both electronically and as a paperback from Amazon. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Bobbie Robin’s red feathers: ebook

Bobbie Robin’s red feathers: paperback

Cover of Bobbie Robin's red feathers


Secrets of the Buckle: a tale of Grandad’s Magic Dust

The third book in the tales of Grandad’s Magic Dust, Secrets of the Buckle, has been published by Nannie RaRa.

In the previous adventure the grandchildren found the Wibble, an imaginary creature made up by Harvey. The Wibble disappeared as they watched leaving behind the stinger.

the buzzard took it
The buzzard took it

While they were searching for the Wibble the grandchildren came across two halves of a buckle. They want to join the two halves together and enlist the help of Great Grandad who explains what they need to do.

They need the stinger from the Wibble to complete their task, but Harvey has lost it – the buzzard took it.

They find the stinger and mend the buckle; but the buckle now has properties they never expected, which leads them onto another adventure.

Secrets of the Buckle is available from Amazon, either as a paperback or an ebook.

Cover of Secrets of the Buckle

All of the tales of Grandad’s Magic Dust can be found on Nannie RaRa’s Amazon author page.


Search for the Wibble

The second in the tales of Grandad’s magic dust, “Search for the Wibble”, has been published on Amazon.

In this story the grandchildren are trying to find the Wibble, an imaginary creature Harvey has made up. He is wary of finding it as it has a stinger on its foot, sharp teeth, a long body, sharp claws and spines.

Would you want to come across such a monster?

The quest to find the Wibble takes the grandchildren from Nannie’s house to Sutton Hoo, Denmark and ending at Weala Tun Naes.

They have the magic dust to help them as well as all the items Nannie has knitted for them using wool that has been close to the magic dust. Lia is delighted with her owl that comes to life; Alex can’t think what use a small square knitted cloth will be; and James is not keen on the striped socks with pink bobbles on them.

Join Lia, James, Harvey, Alex, Alan and Edmund as they look for the Wibble.

You can buy the book, “Search for the Wibble” from Amazon either as an ebook or paperback.


Have you read ‘No more adventures?’

The book, No more adventures?, by Nannie RaRa has been enhanced by illustrations by the very talented Lara Wallington.

In ‘No more adventures?’ the first of the tales of Grandad’s Magic Dust to be published, the grandchildren help Grandad to make alacamparanica, one of the image3ingredients.

They start with a half chewed sweet, then powder from a butterfly wing. There are several other items they need to use to make the alacamparanica.  The journey has been marvellously illustrated by Lara who has brought the characters to life.

Lara has really captured  Alex’s expression when he gets nipped by the crab. You can also meet Lia, James, Harvey and Alex as they follow Alan who guides them to the snake.

Expect to hear more of the illustrator Lara Wallington in the future.

You can get “No more adventures?” from Amazon either in paperback or as an electronic book – both are illustrated.



Smile of a Viking

Nannie RaRa’s book, No more adventures? is now out in paperback. You can read all about the adventures of Lia, Harvey, James, Alex, Edmund and Alan as they search for the ingredients for the alacamparanica to help Grandad make his magic dust.

You can find out how they make a Viking smile, but they have to find one first.

No more adventures? is available in both paperback and as an eBook