Counting Creatures

Counting Creatures from Nannie RaRa is the counting game for children aged between 4 and 6. The game uses pictures of real creatures to teach children how to count up to 10. There are also interesting facts to learn about the creatures. Meet Bessie Beetle, Gregory Grasshopper and their friends.

Counting Creatures turns the task of learning to count into a fun game so that children enjoy numbers from an early age. Children love repetition – they like having the same story read over and over again, so adding up over and over again is fun for them and the variations in numbers and creatures will keep their attention.

Counting creatures has different ways to count: count the creatures and press the correct number; count the creatures and press the correct word; touch each insect up to the correct number; and touch first one creature then the other to learn the many ways two numbers add up to ten.

The screens have various numbers of creature – count how many there are and press the correct button. The game tells you if you are correct and you can try again if you are wrong or go to another challenge with a different number and type of creature.

If you get the right answer first time you get a gold star and the game records your top five scores.

Children also like learning facts – think of their interest in dinosaurs and how they pick up and remember all the long complicated names. ‘Meet the creatures’ has details of the creatures encountered when playing the game and this section encourages children to know about them.

Download Counting Creatures from Amazon or from Google Play,

There is also a free version with fewer creatures and without the advanced screen with two creatures to be counted one after the other.