Bird watching on a February morning

Today the weather was perfect: sunny, no wind and warm. Snowdrops, crocuses and the first daffodils are out. I went for a walk to the riverbank and saw several birds that appeared to be posing specially for a photo.

These first birds were in the trees and bushes.

two collared doves in tree
Collared doves
Robin on gorse
Robin on gorse
robin on bramble
Robin on bramble

Then at the waterside were curlews, gulls, turnstones and other water birds. The water itself was like a mill pond, so still with brilliant reflections.

wading birds
Dunlin wading
another turnstone
Another turnstone
Black-headed gull

I need to learn what the different birds are especially ones by the water. If you know what these are do tell me.

It was indeed a beautiful day for birdwatching.

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