Signs of spring

Today, on my walk in the countryside and looking round my garden, I noticed so many signs of spring.

There is a lone aconite with its bright yellow petals, still showing the rain or dew on its leaves.


The first purple crocuses were out. They are in a flower bed with a south facing wall behind them.


My wild strawberry has a flower. In my garden are several wild strawberries which must have been seeded by the birds. I’m looking forward to eating the sweet fruits later in the year.

wild strawberry
Wild strawberry

The snowdrops are pushing up through the grass. I have seen some already out in a neighbour’s sheltered spot.


The Christmas rose (Hellebore) has a flower ready to burst open. Although they are called Christmas rose mine never flower then.

Christmas rose
Christmas rose

I’ve had lots of daffodils showing their leaves but today I noticed a flower bud. I love seeing the narcissi out – the yellow of daffodils really is the colour of spring.


The violets have had flowers all  winter, hiding their heads under the leaves. I have some other wild violets which will not flower until later in the spring.


The buds on the horse chestnut are fattening and becoming sticky.

Horse chestnut buds
Horse chestnut buds

In the woods the bluebells are pushing their way through the fallen leaves. The beautiful scent as you walk through carpets of bluebells is well worth waiting for.


All in all this bright sunny day heralds spring.

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