Summertime walks

Summer is here with long days, warmth and sunshine. Take a look at these photographs taken both in Nannie RaRa’s garden and on walks nearby. A favourite place in the early morning is by the local beach at the side of the river. The skies are so big. Every day the scene is different.

red poppies growing in the garden
The bright red poppies choosing their own place to grow
bumble bee and honey bee on buddleia
Both bumble and honey bees enjoying the nectar on Nanie RaRa’s buddleia
bee collecting nectar from bramble
A bee collecting nectar from a bramble, preparing for the feast of blackberries to come
cow parsely
Cow parsley growing tall along the sides of the path
deadly nightshade
The deadly nightshade has a delicate beauty
squirrel with an acorn
A hungry squirrel taking one of last year’s nuts for breakfast
country garden
Nannie RaRa’s English country garden
river view
and finally a view towards the river

Let me know which are your favourite pictures

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